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I like to talk a bit about making money online.

The question I hear a lot – “Can you really make money online and is it real?

Now many people tell ya that it is just a dream and other Marketers keep telling ya it is easy. From my experience it can be easy but than again you must have a business plan to make it real.

It is no different than any other business that is offline.  You have to make your dream a reality by sticking to a plan and work at it like a job. OOOPPPSS I said the bad word – job – well it may not feel like a job if you like what you are trying to do online.

Ok, I kinda let the cat out of the bag and said it is a job to make money online but really it is not if you take the steps to planning your strategy.  First you have to decide what you want to sell on your website or in some cases micro sites and than you must lay out a plan to achieve it. If you are going to make money online you must have a business plan.  Weither you are going to sell your own products or services or be an affiliate of someone else products or services.

Making money online can be fun and rewarding if you can stick to your plan of attack and follow a few simple rules.

  • Find something that you enjoy and write about it
  • Create an outline of the things you want to write about
  • Find products or services that you are writing about on ClickBank or a CPA network
  • Make a business plan to follow. Maybe a better way to say it is find a system to follow
  • Stay consistent
  • Don’t give up or your dream will only be a dream

I will give you more details about a lot of the things you can do to help you make money online but first you gotta make a commitment to yourself first  to follow through with it. This is were 98% people fail trying to make money online. They start to follow their plan but than get distracted by something else and don’t follow through with it long enough to make that money online.

The best way I can describe what has made me fail in the past is getting distracted by another shinny system that says it will make you money online and never finish the first system that you have started. I can admit this now and I have been guilty of this when I first started to try to make money online. You get on to many marketers email list and they try to sell you the next big system that will make you money online.

So be advised if you are a newbie to the Internet Marketing world, just find one marketer that make sense to you and just follow his system to make money online. If you do this you will have success and you will not get all confused about what you need to be doing to make money online.

The second thing I want to tell you is not to be tricked in to pulling your credit card out and spending, spending and spending because it will not be very good in the long run. All that will happen is you will be in the hole before you can make any money online. Keep your first plan or idea going until it make you money and than move on to the next thing. For me I found that if I would of kept going in one direction long enough I would of made that money online a long time ago. this is a tactic that is called copy writing and it will ruin your dream of making money online.

So beware of the next shinny object(system) that someone say(marketer) this will make your dreams come true. Making money online is being consistent and following one plan at a time to profit before trying something else.

If this feels like you, leave a comment to let others know it is true.

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