With many ways you can you can monetize a blog you may want to look at the new laws of advertising on the Internet. I say this not to scare you but to make you look closely at your monetizing programs you want to promote on your blog. With this said I want you to also think about why you are blogging in the first place – to talk about something you believe in and like to talk about. So just find affiliate offers that will compliment what you are talking about and place them in the side bar.

Were do you find monetizing offers to place on your blog?

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If you are asking this question than you may want to come back to this subject from time to time and I will talk about the many types of offer you can find from many advertising networks. One of the market places I find easy to use and has many offers in just about any niche is called ClickBank. The is one of the easiest ways to monetize your site with other people offers and do not have to support the offers.

The only word of caution I have to say is make sure you check out their product and you might want to go to the sales page. At the bottom of the sales page you should find a link called Affiliates and there you will get more banners, text links and other tools for their product. If you are not sure the offer is totally legit, you might want to try to contact that vendor through their email contact form. That way you can ask them questions about their product and see if it is a fit for your blog content.

This is a good practice for any kind of offer you may want to place on your site. If you choose to use an advertising network like commission junction which is a popular network to find advertisers for your blog content. The only bad thing is you will find the advertisers looking for higher traffic sites for their business advertising. There are a lot of advertisers that will take your application to advertise them but if they don’t get clicks than you will be drop. This holds true for any type of CPA (cost per action) offers. Don’t let this discourage you and keep looking until you find a fit with your content.

In the long run you will find an offer that will make you money but don’t expect to make big money right out of the box. It does take time to establish the kinds of monetizing you need to make your blogging riches. To find other offers out on the web just use your favorite search engine to do a search for affiliate networks or cpa networks and you get all kinds of sites to find a monetizing offer that fits your blog.

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